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I didn't realize it'd been more than two weeks since I'd posted on here... thought it was more like 5 or 6 days... Crazy. I really haven't done much. What a dreary, dull life I lead.

I started reading Harry Potter last night, got about half way through, and then watched the movie, since I'd already managed to catch the last half of it once before anyways. It seems like the movie leaves a lot of stuff out, not necessarily anything really important to the plot, but enough little details to make it feel kind of empty. It just seems like they try to rush you right into the story, and yet it still goes on for 3 hours...

Still haven't found my damn camera. I've been looking for my box of acrylic paints, too, and that also seems to have been lost in the move. It's been over a year, and I'm still looking for all my shit.

Going golfing this afternoon with my sister, and possibly one of her hygienist friends. It will be the first time I'll have left the house in about 3 days, not since playing Risk with Bryan, Melissa, and Derek the other night.

I really do need to get some kinda job soon...e
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