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I am soooooooo bloody sick today. I can't believe I came down with a cold that suddenly, but I'm grateful I felt good last night.

My Canada day kicked ass. Big Sugar are awesome live. Derek and I were in the mosh pit, and he somehow wound up with a can of Kokanee.

"Look what fell into my hand!" He hollered at me with much enthusiasm.

He also did some crowd surfing, and got dragged aside by security.

I didn't see everyone I knew, but came pretty close to it. On the way back, we stopped at the beer store next to Swans, and made a huge ruckus in there. The lineup to pay stretched across the entire store, and everyone in there was being loud and beligerant, myself included.

Today, though, I feel like crap. About 7 this morning I started blowing my nose like every two minutes. I am now drinking green tea, and have an insatiable craving for Olympic View's seafood chowder.
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