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Hit the motherload this morning!

I found my camera! Yippee!

I figured just for the hell of it, I'd wander into my garage this morning and see if I could find any of the many things I'd lost in the move.

Somehow, my eyes fell upon a box I'd not even noticed before, though it was in a place I'd looked many times. I cleared off the top of the box and saw that it was labeled "EXTREMELY FRAGILE: Camera, lamp, action figs, etc"

So anyways, that's where my camera was, but also in that box was my old rotring art pen, so now I've got two of those;P

I also found my way-to-expensive mushroom shaped lamp, my copies of Seaman and Jet Grind Radio for my Dreamcast, some G.I. Joes, a spawn action figure, a road warrior action figure, and my 300th edition Boba Fett figure! It's like Christmas! It's better than my last Christmas!

I missed all this stuff sooooooo much!
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